Please note that Cirrus Poetry Review is currently on hiatus.

If you would like to submit poetry, please do so by sending an email to editor  via with the headline “Cirrus Poetry Submission”.

Cirrus is unfortunately unable to pay weekly contributors, as we are self-funded. Select poems will be chosen as our Poem of the Month, with a token payment of 5$.*


We will do our best to respond within one month however, response times vary. Feel free to query after one month.

  1. Please send your submissions attached as a pdf.
  2. We accept all forms of poetry.
  3. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, however, please notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  4. We do not accept reprints or work that has been self-published or published on social media.
  5. Please attach a cover letter as a separate pdf, including a third person bio. This will not be read until a decision has been made on your submission. We want to publish both new and established writers, and our decision will be made based on our needs at the time and the merit of your work, not your publication history.
  6. Submit up to three poems at once, with a maximum of 5 pages. (If a single poem is longer than this, you may submit it on its own)

*Paid via PayPal.

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