The car needed more
than a poet could give.
Things like
metarotors and liquid love
a good dose of
traction diction
and heavy metal.
The poet channeled
his words and imagery
and slathered them
in an oily rhyme
and installed them
in the dyspeptic vehicle
but they just sat there
inertly with great defiance
and no visible
effect except to make
the author feel better
about himself.
The car felt the same, though.
The poet sequestered
the assistance of his friends
who mopped up verses
from puddles of their
rejection and leftover
rusting stanzas
and sprayed them at
car of incorrigibility
to fruitless avail
so the poet divorced
himself from the
unfaithful machine,
annulled their vows
and started dating
a cheap port wine.


Jim has two books, Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir, and The Portland House: A ‘70s Memoir. He also has three poetry collections, On a Road, Written Life and Reciting From Memory. His nonfiction and poetry has been published in many different journals. Jim is Poet Laureate for the Village of Wales, WI.